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Dhandhang Gulo Love Song Behind The Aksara Jawa (Javanese Alphabet)

An Illustration Book Explain Every Single Javanese Alphabet's Meaning
This is a work for my college final assignment, the design of  Java Script Basics Illustration Book for Teenager. 

The issue which is examined is how to make a simple, communicative, and enjoyable Java Script Basics Illustration Book for Teenagers so it can make teenager like the Java Script. The Java Script is the authentic asset as an image in globalisation competition.

All the time the city government has introduced the Java Script scientifically to teenager since in the elementary school and it has also been used for the street’s name sign and in a public place, but it has not been able to increase the interest of teenager specifically in order to like more as a part of a culture that can represent their image. It is unfortunate for teenager to study foreign script for their image hard. 

For the reason above, so it is made the information media to communicate its potential. Visual Communication Media that represents the Java Script to teenager relaxed and contemporary which is suitable with their condition so it can be accepted easily so they know that something which is traditionally it must not always traditional and stritch nuance, but it can be also with more contemporary visual.

Based on Dhandhang Gulo, a love song made by Pakubuwono IX (Pakubuwono IX was the ninth Susuhunan. He was born in 1830, the second son of Pakubuwano VI, and reigned from 1861 until his death in 1893). 
He use this song to socialize Javanese Alphabet to young people on that time.

Dhandhang = tool for farming like hoe and Gulo = Sugar, it means we should work hard to achieve sweet result, in this case Pakubuwono IX use parable of love from boy to girl, 
boy is “we” and the girl is “our obligation”, 
it is like the qoute “do what you love,love what you do” to bring out the best in us.

Javanese Alphabet usually called by people as HA-NA-CA-RA-KA (the first five alphabet from 20 alphabet) 

credits photo by Aji Susanto Anom 


Praise the Lord ^^
So happy, My illustration book about Aksara Jawa "Dhandhang Gulo" have chance to join the exhibition on Serbia.

_Atmosphere: Trends in Indonesian Graphic Design, Illustration and Photography

In partnership with creative web portal GrafisMasaKini, Serbia-based art production company 80|10 present Atmosphere, a joint exhibition of six Indonesian visual artists, graphic designers, photographers and illustrators to represent “new” and young Indonesian creative scene. The six artists have been closely selected to represent narratives that are contextualized within Indonesian cultural frame, but at the same time can easily be understood by the Serbian audience.
The aim of the exhibition is to break down prejudice and ignorance about Indonesia and the desire to show this area from a different perspective than usual. Distant, “exotic” countries like Indonesia are often shown as “banana republics”, as rural areas and/or jungle, often associated with economic and social underdevelopment. The exhibition examines the dialogue of Indonesian artists through their works with their own culture and how they adapt their ideas to the cultural heritage while maintaining its creative character and features.


Belgrade, Serbia, 22-29 September 2014, UK Parobrod
Curator: Sara Brkic
Catherine Susilo | Photography | Digital Imaging | Jakarta
Haris Mustafa | Graphic Design-Illustration (Bandung) | Planet Ads & Design Pte Ltd, Singapore
Ines Aryaniputri | Graphic design, typography, branding | Jakarta
Oktodia Mardoko (& Haryadhi) | Animation and Design | Belantara Studio, Jakarta
Onny Renantalice | Illustration & Design | Surakarta
Rege Indrastudianto | Graphic design, illustration | Jakarta
Supported by the Embassy of Republic of Indonesia in Belgrade, Serbia

documentation by:
UK Parobrod 
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