Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Secret Bond

secret bond is my work for the event for book day that held by C2O Library Surabaya, April 23-30, 2011. And my friend, Mbak Tinta invite me to join :)
C2O Library is pleased to organize a hand-made postcard exhibition, Postcards from Bookworms, an ongoing community art project where people mail in their recommendation, experience, secrets, etc. that is related to a book of their choice. It can be your favourite book, the book you’ve just finished reading, the book you just received in your mailbox, anything. It will be your personal re-interpretation and re-telling of the book
so i choose the latest book that i read,

Love, Sex And Dating

may be it sound silly cause i read a book for teenager but this book give me a lot of new point of view. as the work explanation too, this book make me more understand about how precious the bond we have to share to right person on our life, the bond that not only about physical but more deep, its all about heart :) especially for girl keep save the precious one for the right one.

this is my work,

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